October 31, 2006

RSS me!

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Heh, I added RSS feeds for photos on Yeeguy and Jamigal. Check ’em out!


October 30, 2006

More baby photos

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Just posted more baby photos…

bao bao boy

This l’il guy has done it all! He’s visited Hong Kong, Sydney, and Hawaii. Flown in a helicopter. Been in a 6.7 earthquake. Lived in San Francisco. All by the age of negative-6 months. Man, some guys just have all the luck!

October 25, 2006

Earthquakes and Sea Turtles on Kona

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Kona earthquake sea turtle

Our hotel, the Mauna Lani resort, was only about 10 miles from the epicenter of the 6.7 earthquake that shook Hawaii on Oct 15. It felt much stronger to me than the Loma Prieta quake. It felt like several inches of wavelike side-to-side & up-down motion that shook for a long time and was accompanied by a very loud rumbling noise.

Jami and I were up and had just gotten dressed for breakfast when the quake hit. We immediately knew it was a quake and we took shelter by the doorway. I figured we’d just wait it out, thinking it’d be brief, but the shaking kept going and we started to hear things breaking in the rooms around us. The Mauna Lani hotel has a lot of big glass panes built into the rooms (big mirrors, sliding glass doors, etc.) and I was kinda nervous about this stuff breaking around us.

So we opened the door and peeked down the hallway. The ceiling looked OK, so we ran down the hall and down a flight of stairs (we were on the 2nd story) to the exit. The shaking continued the whole time, not stopping until we were out on the lawn in back of the hotel. Some other folks were out on the lawn, too, mostly other guests that had been at breakfast at the outdoor cafe.

A few minutes later, a big secondary quake hit (it was also a 6.0 magnitude quake) and we were all shaken again. This time we could hear screaming from inside the hotel. I think a lot of folks were jarred awake when the first one hit and when the second one came, people started streaming out of the hotel. Many of them were in PJs or bathrobes with bare feet. As it turns out I forgot my own flipflops in the room, so I had been running around in barefeet too.

So the hotel guests all emptied out onto the lawn and hotel employees began shepherding us up to higher ground. We all walked through the Mauna Lani golf course up to the clubhouse and gallery area which is up on a high hill overlooking the hotel and oceanfront area. We waited there for about an hour and a half while the tsunami threat was evaluated.

Jami, 5 months pregnant, was starving by this time. So we were stoked when the hotel staffers started emptying out the clubhouse kitchen supplies and giving snacks, candy, drinks, and sandwiches to the guests. Jami snagged us a turkey sandwich, a granola bar, and I got us some water bottles so we were all set.

After a while, a hotel manager announced that the tsunami threat was all clear, but they were still evaluating the hotel structure for possible damage, so no one was allowed back into the hotel. Jami and I quickly walked back down the golf course and we were among the first few guests back at the hotel. We were able to sneak in through the side entrance nearest our room and grab some key belongings, books, and water.

After that we were pretty much “forced” to sit out at the beach all day long. We set up one of the Mauna Lani’s nice blue shade pods and spent the day relaxing there, watching the sea turtles calmly graze on algae/plants growing on volcanic rocks. It felt kinda odd for us to be so relaxed while this huge crisis was going on, but there really wasn’t much else for us to do except just sit, read, and chill. So that’s what we did.

The photo of the sea turtle was the first photo we took that day.

Babyname Brainstorming on Kona

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Congrats Hamilton souffle plate

We had been sitting at the Four Seasons beachfront restaurant in Kona on the final night of our honeymoon, enjoying a great meal and brainstorming for baby boy names. We had discussed baby names throughout the honeymoon, especially while driving around Kauai, and we continued brainstorming over dinner. We were coming up with all sorts of names like Landon, Carson, etc. Finally we settled on a theme: we wanted names that had a definition that we liked. One of the Hawaiian words that had piqued our interest was “mauka” — meaning “towards the mountain”. It’s an adjective that was sprinkled throughout the driving directions in our “Kauai Revealed” guidebook. (You know that little blue book that every malahini uses in Kauai?) Anyway, we thought this idea of choosing a name that had something to do with “mountain” was perfect for us.

Many thanks to Blackberry and Google, we were able to find a list of mountain-related names. As it turns out, “Hamilton” is an Old English name meaning “beautiful mountain” — we thought that was awesome. Plus it has “Milton” in it. And it’s not a popular first name at all (because of its popularity as a sirname). According to our research, the last time Hamilton appeared in the top 1000 names was back in the 1930’s. All good news to our ears. We want a name that is unique, memorable, and carries some bearing. Other mountain-related names included Bergen, Alpine, and a bunch of others.

Our waiter, Drew, was keeping tabs on our brainstorming progress and when he heard the name choices, he was a big fan of Hamilton. So much so that he went ahead on his own and had the dessert chef write “Congratulations Hamilton” in chocolate script on our souffle plate! We loved it and Hamilton is still our top contender for baby name at the moment.

Pizza Testing on Kauai

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Shouting Horn pizza test pizzetta brick oven

George Lee and Julie Chai had both recommended Pizzetta in Po’ipu to us before we left. They say it’s “THE BEST pizza they have EVER had!” But our “Kauai Revealed” guidebook said that best pizza on the island is from Brick Oven near Hanapepe.


We were intrigued and so we put it to the test. We ordered the exact same pizza from both places: sausage, bell peppers, and scallion. And we picked ’em up near sunset and drove over to the Spouting Horn to eat. Was fantastic to catch the last rays of the sun and enjoy two fine pizzas, while watching the natural water spout of the Spouting Horn spray water high up into the air every few seconds.

Our verdict: the Brick Oven pizza had better sausage (homemade Italian sausage, can’t really beat that), but the Pizzetta pizza had much better crust, cheese, and sauce. Their pizza sauce has a little spiciness/tanginess to it so it’s not as sweet as other pizzas can be.

Now, I personally just *love* Applewood’s and Zacharys pizza, so neither Pizzetta nor Brick Oven was going to de-throne Applewood’s/Zachary’s in my mind for the “best EVER” title. But Pizzetta was pretty darn good, I’d definitely vote it as the best pizza on Kauai.

First (substantive) post: Back from honeymoon

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Jami and I just got back from our honeymoon. Incredible. This blog will not suffice to capture how amazing Hawaii is — especially for two folks who have somehow avoided going to the islands (ever!) until their 30’s.

We spent 5 days in Kauai and 3 days on the Big Island of Hawaii from Oct 9 through Oct 17. Yep, we were there during the 6.7 quake on Oct 15. What memories…

Of course, we took a whole bunch of photos, some of which are posted here.

Some photos/stories are highlighted in the next few posts.

Woohoo, I got a blog

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OK, now the long tail has finally wrapped itself around my block three times and serpentined its way to my front door, I’m finally joining the masses and starting a blog. Yay me. Woot.

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