March 27, 2007

Going back, old skool

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I’ve moved my blog back to — please come read my most recent posts and see the latest photos there.  Running my own blogsite also gives me the flexibility to embed stuff like Slide slideshows into posts (something I can’t do on WordPress).  Ciao!


February 12, 2007

Mini Yee

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Jami delivered Hamilton Lee on Feb 7, 2007, at 11:16am after 28 hours of labor. He weighed 7 lbs, 9 0z. and was 19.5 inches tall.

Photos here.

Wii Mii

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Got one. Couldn’t resist…  Tennis elbow never hurt so good.  😉

February 2, 2007


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Wow.  We just got a Wii for the Slide office and it just might be the death of all productivity.  😉

That thing kicks ass.  I won’t lie to ya, I thought it was kind of a quirky, potentially lame, idea when it first launched.  I mean, the thing sports 1990’s era video game graphics and has these weird nunchuk-like controllers.  Very odd.

After playing tennis and golf on the Wii, though, I must say that they’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head with the user experience design.  The tactile feedback that they’ve built into the Wii remote controllers is incredible.  You can place tennis shots accurately by timing your swing.  You can produce slice or topspin.  You can hook or slice a golf shot.  It’s amazing.

I want one.

January 29, 2007

Babel (2006 movie)

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Just saw “Babel” on Friday with Brad, Becky, George, Julie, Sandra and Ken.  Probably one of the last movies Jami and I will get to see in a theater prior to Hamilton’s arrival!

After the movie we all had different opinions about the movie, ranging from “very well done” to “totally random connections between people” to “I wanted to walk out.”  All agreed it was a pretty depressing movie.  Jami and I compared the movie to “The Story of Qiu Ju” (admittedly Communist propaganda where “the nail that stands up” ends up hammering down a pillar of her own community, but still beautifully executed) — that’s another movie that features the unpredictable outcomes that can stem from human actions.  Anyway, I dunno what made me think about “Babel” this morning (three days later), but it suddenly struck me that the whole movie was biblical allegory.

(spoiler-ish analysis after the “More” link.)


January 9, 2007

Apple iPhone

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While at Macworld, I also watched a demo of the new Apple iPhone.  Pretty impressive little device!  Am looking forward to trying it out in June, when it should be available at Apple and Cingular stores.  Would love to replace my Blackberry with a device that has a good MP3 player, video capabilities, and a camera.  My main concern about the iPhone is the touchscreen keyboard.  Not sure if/how thumbing will work on that, but will just have to try it out in a store to tell, I guess.

Other concerns:
 – web browsing via wifi seemed pretty slow during the demo
 – am afraid that surfing over Cingular’s EDGE network will be even slower (it’s EDGE, not 3G/HSPDA, boo!)
 – push email is only supported for Yahoo email (not sure why they have that constraint; will push *any* IMAP/POP email to a Blackberry device)
 – they did not demo the camera at all, not sure what photo/video quality is like
 – and an overall concern: Apple claims that the iPhone runs OS X, but it’s looks like a custom OS written for the phone.  Same for Safari — they say the iPhone runs the “same Safari” as any Mac, but it’s clearly a custom phone app.  So, this ultimately could be just like Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Pocket Internet Explorer.  Microsoft’s
mobile offerings were pitched the same way when they were first announced (e.g., “get the Microsoft apps that you’re used to, right in the palm of your hand!”), but in practice have proven to be very unreliable on the Treo 700W with lots of random device freeze-ups and restarts.  We’ll just have to see how the iPhone performs after it comes out…

Overall: I’m curious, but am not holding my breath!

Apple TV

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Happy New Year! 

I just wandered over to the Macworld Expo and checked out some of the latest stuff from Apple.  One item that caught my eye is the new Apple TV.

Seems OK, but not as cool as a full on Apple-powered DVR/Tivo.  Basically, think of Apple TV as a big video iPod that happens to use your TV as a display and pumps sound through your stereo speakers instead of headphones.

You have to sync the aTV with iTunes on a Mac in order to move songs/videos/TVshows/movies from iTunes into the aTV unit.  You can set it up to sync automatically, I think.

So the whole system still revolves around your Mac+iTunes as the controller for your media collection.  E.g., buy a new music video in iTunes on your Mac, and then sync it to your aTV unit in order to play the video on your home stereo & TV.

Not sure why this is better than just plugging a Macbook into your home stereo & TV directly through the built-in audio & video outputs when you want to play a movie on your TV.  I guess it’s for folks who want to have an Apple device dedicated to their living room and it’s cheaper to buy an aTV than to dedicate a full-on Mac computer to that purpose?

November 15, 2006

Yak On: AIM for Blackberry

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One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog is to create a little more room for myself to spout off about stuff I like and don’t like. I’ve had this blog for a little while and I guess it’s about time to make my first such editorial post!

Drum roll, please.


A Blackberry app I really like is called Yak On. It enables you to send instant messages on various networks like AIM, MSN, and ICQ. (It notably does NOT work with Yahoo Messenger or G-Talk, but I hardly ever use those networks anyway, so no biggie for me.) I tried out a bunch of other instant message clients for the Blackberry and I think Yak On has the easiest to use friend lists and tabbed conversations.

Yak On lets me log into AIM from my Blackberry and I can set IM alerts (vibrate/sound) from the Blackberry Profiles control panel. It’s a persistent app in the sense that you’ll stay logged in as long you don’t close the Yak On app.

Be warned, though, that AIM only lets you log in from one location at a time. So if you’re logged in on your Blackberry (say, while you’re on the train to work) and then get to the office and log in from your computer, then you’ll kick off a set of dueling alerts on both Blackberry and your PC until you log out of AIM from either one or the other.

In any case, I highly recommend Yak On for anyone who’s been looking for an AIM/MSN/ICQ instant message client for their Blackberry.

Check it out if you’re interested

Got other topics you want to hear me spout off about? Suggestions for other tech toys to try out and rate? Leave a comment and I’ll get back atchya.

November 1, 2006

Wedding photos

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I posted a bunch of photos from our wedding.

Huge, huge thanks goto Chris Buchner (my, what a large flash you have!) and Uncle Victor (here’s your coffee, sir) for their photos which form the bulk of our wedding photo collection.

wedding ring

470 to be exact. 🙂 Check ’em out here.

Also posted many other new photo galleries, including our engagement, Lee Tour de Famil, weekend in Dallas/Ft.Worth for Jana & Robby’s wedding, Healdsburg 2006 ride, and many more.

October 31, 2006

RSS me!

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Heh, I added RSS feeds for photos on Yeeguy and Jamigal. Check ’em out!

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